• Failure to Launch S01E01 - Wonder Woman
    This week's episode of Failure to Launch covers the 1990 pilot, "Where's Rodney?", a vehicle for Rodney Dangerfield of "No Respect" fame.

  • General Consumption - Season 1 Episode 7

    Episode S1E7 of General Consumption is live. It has the Sermon on Germ Theory. It has Time Warner Music collections. It has The Conspiracy Theories of Mark Dice. It has Ruined Moments. It has Marisa Tomei news. It has The Horse That Drowned Everybody. It has mXpunwatch with guest comedian Neil Sinclair.

  • Video Sketch - Sensitive Teeth

    Don't fret,
    teeth scientists have you and your wuss teeth covered.


The Consumption are a sketch comedy group from Melbourne, Australia. We make stuff. Most of it's here. You can look at it.


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Broken News: 26th October

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