• Punwatch S02E17 - Thor’s Thunders Enlightening

    Episode 217 of Punwatch, with special guest Jerzy Gwiazdowski!

  • The Summer of Joe Lara - Hologram Man

    Starfire Mutiny

    Joe fights his ultimate nemesis - another B-movie actor with even 90s-er hair than Joe’s! Or he would fight him, if not for the constant explosions.

  • FtL S04E03 - Lost in Oz
    Xander Allan joins us to watch Melissa George get sucked up into a tornado and thrown into the perplexingly boring world of Oz.

The Consumption are a sketch comedy group from Melbourne, Australia. We make stuff. Most of it's here. You can look at it.
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  • Harry & Cherry are on the new It’s A Duck Blur: Let’s Get Dangerous, talkin’ Lilliputt and many, many other things: https://t.co/Jbdk5NHJwj
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