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MICF 2016: The People vs Carmen Sandiego!

MICF 2016: The People vs Carmen Sandiego!

The Consumption are making their return to the stage at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with their brand new show, The People vs Carmen Sandiego!

Join us as we drop an evening of hot sketch comedy in your lap. Right in your lap. That’s never coming out. But it’ll be funny.*

*Bring spare pants.

Playing from April 5 – 17 at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel. Tickets: $20 full, or $15 concession, previews and Tuesdays.

To book go to the comedy festival website or buy at the door.


Ferris competes in Pop Quiz Hot Shot

Ferris competes in Pop Quiz Hot Shot

For those of you who like quizzes about stuff OTHER than puns,* Ferris was a contestant on the most recent episode of Pop Quiz Hot Shot, the pop culture quiz podcast from Michael Williams and Geek Mountain.

Give it a listen! It’s a good time, and a solemn warning. The Consumption seek to crush all in their wake: man, beast, podcast, tiny boat.

Check out Geek Mountain too, plenty of good geek stuff there.

*What the hell are you doing here

Voyage of the Alan Rickman: Returning for Fringe!

Did you miss our comedy space opera, The Voyage of the Alan Rickman, at the comedy festival? Badly want to see it again? No goddamn idea what I’m talking about?


Well, we’re putting the show on again for one week as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, so now’s your chance to see it/see it again/still don’t know what I’m talking about.


It’ll be on from Monday the 29th of September to Sunday the 5th of October (excluding Saturday the 4th), 8:00pm at The Provincial Hotel in Fitzroy. Further details can be found at the splash page or the Facebook event page.


Hope we’ll see you there/again/huh!


VOTAR FF (FB Poster)

New Podcast: Failure to Launch!

New Podcast: Failure to Launch!

The Consumption have launched a new podcast, titled Failure to Launch! Irony!*

We’re all familiar with the idea of a pilot episode, the one-off test run of a series to see whether or not it could ever work as a television show. But what happens to the shows that never make it past that stage? Usually they’re cast aside and disappear from the public eye forever, doomed to fade into obscurity.

But Melbourne comedy troupe The Consumption say “No more!” We are reaching deep into the bowels of television history to bring you back hot steaming piles of tv’s many bizarre miscarriages. All while mixing the most disgusting metaphors possible.

We’ll seek out and expose ourselves to the worst television pilots ever made, so that you don’t have to. Each episode will see us dissect and discuss another horrible failed pilot for our amusement. Join us in our schadenfreude as we talk about wrestlers solving crimes, invisible monsters, kung-fu ravers, talking dogs solving crimes, teleporting stand-up comedians, cross dressing misogynists, magicians solving crimes and a whole bunch of other terrible ideas, most of which involve crimes being solved.

Welcome to Failure to Launch! The only tv podcast about shows that don’t exist.

Check out the first episode here:


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