FtL S02E18 – K-9000

To help solve a break in at a laboratory, an old school, tough as nails cop gets teamed up with his new partner, a stuffy, by the books, clean cut young rookie. Who is also a robotic talking dog.


LA detective Eddie Munroe hates machines and machines seem to hate him, so it’s a twist of cruel fate that sees him teamed up with a German Shepard who’s brain has been replaced with a hitch computer. To be honest Eddie actually rolls with the whole scenario pretty smoothly.

Along the way they’re joined by a sexy scientists who claims to love animals despite performing numerous, painful tests on them as well as helping to build a machine that exists entirely to remove dogs brains while they’re still alive. For money.

But who can get hung up on that when there’s international thieves to thwart, human shields to use and so, so much glass to break? Through it all Eddie and his new pal K9000 learn to laugh, to love and eventually to make dick jokes together.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Alex Malone, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry


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