FtL 432 – I-Man

Scott Bakula is exposed to Space Gas and cannot die. He finds this extremely inconvenient.

In this ‘Christmas’ edition of Failure to Launch, we examine I-Man, a Scott Bakula Sci-Fi vehicle in which he learns the meaning of Christma- wait, no, he inhales a mysterious gas from space.

After inhaling it, he finds he has been turned into Jolly Old Saint Nicho- whoops nope he gets blown up and miraculously recovers, as he is now immortal.

Actually, this pilot has nothing to do with Christmas really, but it does have laser guns and a truck that falls off a cliff for SO LONG, so there’s that. Merry Christmas!

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Alex Malone
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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