FtL 502 – Sniff

That reporter from Batman ’89 has a crimefighting dog and a live-in Dad. Solves crime?

It wouldn’t be a season of Failure to Launch without a crimefighting dog, so here’s Sniff, another pilot from the 1988 CBS Summer Playhouse (pls bring this back CBS it’s been so bountiful.)

Robert Wuhl, best known for being that reporter in most of Kim Basinger’s scenes in Batman ’89, is Sid Barrows, a reporter in most of the dog’s scenes in this thing. Nominally he’s here to solve crimes but as is trad the dog does most of the heavy lifting.

Every crimefighting dog show needs a twist though, and Sniff’s is… Sid’s dad seems to live with him and do most of the homemaking? It’s unconventional but also surprisingly charming. 4 stars.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Lisa Dibb
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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