FtL 109 – Invincible

This week’s failed pilot TL;DR:
Billy Zane is an immortal bad guy turned good guy who trains knockoff-planeteers to fight other Billy Zanes in this Matrix-era piece of martial arts themed batshit insanity. Filmed in Australia, also starring the guy from the Oak Hungry/Thirsty ads.

We don’t know how to describe Invincible. In lieu, here are some of the IMDB Plot Keywords:

Telekinesis. Katana Sword. Rave Party. Slow Motion Fight Scene. Billy Zane. Cigar Smoking.

Admit it: You’re intrigued.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, Alex Malone, David Shaw
Soundboard: Fabian Lapham


Invincible Location

Os’s home, to help illustrate our confusion.

Invincible Lightbulbs

The elemental power of “Fucking up art installations”.

Invincible Ribbons

Ribbons: Even less effective than you assumed.

Invincible CDs

Nailed it in one, DJ.

Invincible Club Spikes

Club spikes.

Invincible Bunnyhop



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