FtL 110 – Poochinski

This week’s failed pilot TL;DR:
Peter Boyle is a detective. Then he dies, and his soul is trapped in a creepy puppet dog. Not as much fun as it sounds.

Throughout the 1980s, stories about cops teaming up with dogs who could solve crimes were all the rage. Then somebody had to go and take it too far.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, Fabian Lapham, Alex Malone
Soundboard: David Shaw


To be fair to Peter Boyle, that one 11-year-old did have a switchblade. Probably cool to pull a gun on pre-teens in that situation.

Gotta wonder where the dog’s soul went.

Making a no-CGI, 100% real puppet that somehow inhabits the uncanny valley is impressive, in an odd sort of way.

Also, watch out 1990 Pennsylvanians.

George Newbern’s look of shame is entirely appropriate.

This is the extent of their teamwork. Almost the extent of their police work, come to think of it.


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