FtL 119 – Global Frequency

This week’s failed pilot TL;DR:
An out-of-work cop very, VERY luckily stumbles across/into a spy agency whose primary weapons are Nokia 3310s. Based on a Warren Ellis comic.

In 2005, the unaired pilot for Global Frequency gained a little infamy; it was one of the first TV pilots to ever leak onto the internet. The WB had already passed on the pilot, so it’s possible whoever leaked it was trying to get the network to change their minds.

According to Warren Ellis, who created the comic this series was based on, the leaking annoyed the WB execs so much they killed the entire project, despite a positive reception it received from those who torrented it. That is possible, but with all due respect to Warren Ellis*, it may also have been killed because The WB wasn’t interested in a show about a spy agency who specialises in conference calls.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Alex Malone, David Shaw, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: Fabian Lapham

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*Seriously. Go read Transmetropolitan. Or Supergod. They’re amazing.