FtL 120 – Bates Motel

This week’s failed pilot TL;DR:
Norman Bates’ best buddy from the asylum inherits the Bates Motel, and tries to get it running again. Utterly, utterly baffling.

After Psycho 3 flopped at the box office in 1986, Universal thought TV might be a better home for the Psycho series. The success of 2014’s Bates Motel suggests that Universal had hit upon a good idea.

It’s the other ideas they had, though. Like Lori Petty’s chicken suit. Or Robert Picardo’s mental health treatment plan. Or Moses Gunn’s armed standoff with the police that no one cares about. Or the sleazy 80s banker’s plan for the Bates Motel. Or the bit where a 35 year old woman almost makes out with 17ish year old Jason Bateman.

It’s these other ideas that form the batshit curio that is 1987’s Bates Motel. It wasn’t picked up. You won’t wonder why.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Fabian Lapham, Andrew Cherry, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: David Shaw

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