FtL 123 – Earth Angels

This week’s failed pilot TL;DR:
Angels & demons fight for the souls of humans with boring conversations and free tequila shots. Wishes it was The Matrix.

Anne Rice is one of the most beloved horror authors of the modern era. After the runaway success of her Vampire Chronicles, the middling success of her Lives of the Mayfair Witches and the bewildering publication of her middle school diary, Rice was ready to move to TV!

In 2001, she wrote the pilot for the original series, Earth Angels, detailing the secret war between armies of Angels and Demons for the souls of all mankind.

Although, it’s not really a war. More of a series of petty spats and arguments. And there’s really no armies, more like a volleyball team’s worth of angels¬†and, like, 3 demons, absolute max. And it’s not really a TV show, because in a TV show stuff happens.

But it does have Krycek from the X-Files. So, there’s that.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Alex Malone, David Shaw
Soundboard: Fabian Lapham

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