FtL 126 – Annihilator

A newspaper editor’s wife is replaced with a murderous robot. He kills it, along with several other female robots, but not before having sex with most of them. No one believes him.

Terminator fans and robot fetishists rejoice! This week’s pilot features a secret conspiracy of world domination, and an inexplicably British protagonist who sleeps with not one but two lady robots.

In 1986 NBC commissioned Annihilator, a pilot about a man who discovers that humans are being replaced by dog killing, limb severing, chain smoking robot dopple-gangers. Obviously, his immediate reaction is to tell everyone and act completely surprised when nobody believes him. His second plan is to perform a ridiculous amount of property damage, trust anyone who puts out, and then frame his crimes on homeless people.

Longtime listeners will understand this – get ready for an Invincible-level pilot.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, Alex Malone, David Shaw
Soundboard: Harry Brimage

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