FtL 127 – Miracle Man

Jesus fights demons (kind of), builds houses, spreads love and doesn’t care if his friends die in modern-day Phoenix. Made on a budget of 1 potato.

In this Christmas themed season finale of Failure to Launch, we examine the pilot for Miracle Man. An independently produced pilot, shopped to a few Christian networks, the series asked the question, quote, “What would it look like if Jesus came today?”
By “came”, they mean lived in Phoenix repairing foreclosed houses, running a faith healing/prayer group out the back of some store that’s totally not a cult, saving children from car accidents with his psychic power* and not bothering to use those powers when blue demons arrange for his Best Buddy™ Lazarus to die in a car accident as a way to crush JC’s will.

Luckily for JC, he doesn’t really care if his friends die, so… all good.


Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Lucy Shaw
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

Still not clear if he was curing or imparting the cancer.


Jesus and the resurrection of Lazarus with shit lens flares.


The off-screen demon Ferris might have mentioned once or twice.


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