FtL 201 – Tarzan In Manhattan

It’s a Tarzan for the go-go 80s when the ape-man wages war on crime and pants in the Big Apple.

The season premiere of Failure to Launch examines the pilot for Tarzan In Manhattan, a fun, light hearted romp involving murder, animal torture and post-traumatic stress disorder.

When Tarzan’s ape-mum (she was in the book), played by some dude in a gorilla suit (not in the book), is shot and inexplicably left behind by poachers, Tarzan heads for the Big Apple to track down her assassins (sort of in the book). Along the way he meets Jane (she was in the book), a tough New York cabbie (not like that though) and her dad, a PTSD-suffering ex-cop private detective whose favourite disguise is Elizabethan dandy (fuck the book at this point).

Can Tarzan keep his clothes on long enough to find his mother’s killer and rescue his chimpanzee friend before Jane’s dad shoots yet another person with one of the several guns he probably shouldn’t own?

Reviewers: James Ferris, Fabian Lapham, David Shaw
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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