FtL 208 – Island City

Kevin Conroy (Voice of Batman) and his team have 48 hours to find a colleague lost in a future wasteland filled with murderous mutants. They’ll get to it at some point.

In this week’s unexpectedly raunchy episode of Failure to Launch, we examine Island City, a world ravaged by formerly-human-now-super-strong-neanderthals, the victims of a genetic experiment gone wrong. The remnants of humanity cower inside the fortress-like Island City, desperately searching for a cure.

Well… I’ve used words like “cower” and “desperate”, but for the most part everyone’s really relaxed about the whole situation. So much so, that when a rescue worker is lost in the mutant-infested wasteland and given 48 hours to live, the rest of his team just grab a drink, catch up on some sleep, kinda, y’know, have a bit of R&R. Just 48 hours of “me” time.

Also, Abraham Lincoln hits on someone’s mum. Oh, and there’s eugenics, and everyone’s cool with it (including the writers). This was a weird one.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Alex Malone, David Shaw
Soundboard: Fabian Lapham

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