FtL 214 – Mickey & Nora

Textbook 80s sitcom in which a former CIA agent juggles his new job, new wife, and wacky best friend/disgraced West-African dictator Colonel Ntsunge (okay, not quite textbook.)

This week’s FtL examines Mickey & Nora, a boilerplate 80s sitcom about the travails of a young newly-married couple and their wacky, disgraced West-African dictator sidekick, Colonel Ntsunge. And wacky side-characters don’t come much wackier than the Colonel, as he bumbles through American customs, mispronounces catch phrases, and threatens his political enemies with ethnic cleansing.

Mickey is a former CIA agent now working as a go-go eighties lawyer, only (wouldn’t-ya-know-it) nobody believes he’s left the agency! And for some reason everybody knows that he was in the agency! And he still acts and works and behaves like he’s in the agency!! And – I can’t stress this enough – his best friend is a disgraced Senegalese dictator hell bent on returning to power. It kind of seems like he’s still in the agency!

Only he can’t be in the agency, see, because if was still in the agency then that would mean he wouldn’t be allowed to nail his wife… and he really, really, really wants to nail his wife. Like, give it a rest Mickey. There are people over. People who have been charged with war crimes.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Andrew Cherry, Alex Malone
Soundboard: Harry Brimage

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