FtL 219 – Danger Island a.k.a. The Presence

Imagine if Lost had been made in the early 90s and featured way more exploding fruit and giant man-fish monsters. Welcome to Danger Island.

This early 90s adventure series tells the tale of a disparate group of castaways, stranded on a mysterious tropical island, following a harrowing plane crash. But it’s not Lost. As they battle against the elements and each other, they discover that the island is home to all manner of bizarre unexplainable phenomena. But it’s totally not Lost. Alright?

Things begin to fall into place when they discover an abandoned military outpost. I swear it was over a decade before Lost. An outpost that was conducting bizarre paranormal experiments. Holy shit, I know it sounds like we just watched a few episodes of Lost, but I swear we didn’t.

But if you loved Lost, or hated Lost, or never saw even a single episode of Lost, then Danger Island is just awful either way.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Andrew Cherry, Lisa Dib
Soundboard: David Shaw

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