FtL 220 – The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour

“America’s favorite young married couple”, because that’s a thing people say or think ever, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (98 Degrees) host an 70s-style revue with music, sketches, guests and some wacky surprises that surprise no-one.

Pop stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for some reason host this deeply Sonny and Cher-reminiscent old-school variety show, without the glorious absurdity of Steve Martin or Telly Savales’ giant creepy head. There’s bygone-era musical guests, hackneyed comedy sketches and more duets than you would ever need or want! Variety has never been more various!

We were divided quite harshly on this one: was it bad TV? Was it knowingly and ironically tongue-in-cheek? Was it bad but still ironic? Why all the mentioning of pole vaulting? We couldn’t decide but, in fairness, neither could the show.

Reviewers: James Ferris, David Shaw, Lisa Dib, Fabian Lapham
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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