FtL 303 – NYPD 2069

A frozen cop wakes up in 2069 (nice) and plays Failure to Launch Cop Show Pilot Bingo – No Fun Edition™.

Alex Franco is a tough New York cop investigating a rape and murder (like in Nikki & Nora) who gets frozen (like in 1994 Baker Street) and travels through time (like in Out of Time) to a dystopic future where all the world’s terrorists have banded together (like in Nick Fury) and the cops use stupid guns (like in 17th Precinct) and unrealistic gene therapy (like in Fearless).

He has to team up with a distant relative (like in Out of Time again) who is now a dog (Poochinski) to solve crimes whilst on a dirt bike (Evel Knievel) and wearing synthetic skin (Darkman) for a reality TV show (Hollyweird) about a fight between Angel and Demon-themed professional wrestlers (Earth Angels, Tag Team).

Okay, I started making things up somewhere in there, but this really is a Failure to Launch Cop Show Pilot greatest hits album.

Show notes:

IMDB – NYPD – 2069

Reviewers: James Ferris, Timothy Clark, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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