FtL 304 – Clerks

Kevin Smith’s Clerks, adapted for TV. So, no swear words. Or sex jokes. Or charm.

In 1994, the indie film Clerks won Kevin Smith critical acclaim and the beginnings of a cult following, praised for it’s witty writing and authentic voice. Touchstone attempted to capitalise on the film’s success by snapping up the TV rights and producing a pilot.

Trouble is, they wanted a family sitcom. So, uh, try to imagine Clerks without Jay & Silent Bob. Or swear words. Or sex talk. They also took all the charm out and made everyone a jerk. That didn’t seem totally necessary for a sitcom, I think that’s what they thought Clerks brought to the table? Either way, it’s shit.

Show notes:

IMDB – Clerks
LostMedia Wiki – Clerks

Reviewers: James Ferris, David Shaw, Lisa Dib, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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