FtL 306 – Rag and Bone

Two cops. Ones a priest, the others a ghost. If you’ve ever heard a better pitch, it probably made it past the pilot stage.

Dean Cain plays a Louisiana cop who is also a priest and a little league coach. But things get complicated when he shoots down one of his former baseball players, putting him under investigation by internal affairs. Things become additionally complicated when his ex lover is embroiled in a political scandal of murder and blackmail.

Things get really complicated when he starts being haunted by the ghost of Robert Patrick who doesn’t seem to want to help with anything at all. Shit gets just plain messy when that ghost cop has his own murder at the hands of prohibition era gangsters to solve and finally everything just basically falls apart when his partner starts telling him stories about alligators.

How do all these events tie together? They don’t. But it’s Dean Cain! Isn’t he great?

Show notes:

Rag and Bone – IMDB

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: David Shaw

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