FtL 307 – Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again

Eternal teenagers Archie, Betty & Veronica are transformed into adults with ‘adult’ problems. Serious ‘adult’ problems.

Ever heard of The Bradys? In 1990, ABC were kicking afternoon butt with the Full House/Family Matters power hour, and CBS needed something to compete. Why not steal ABCs own Brady Family and use them against ABC?

Starring the original now-20-years-older cast, The Bradys reworked the original sitcom into a dramedy, with the following setup:

– Bobby is a former racecar driver, paraplegic after a crash
– Peter is trapped in an abusive relationship
– Jan and her partner are unable to conceive
– Marcia is an alcoholic whose husband is fired by Mike

It still had a laugh track.

The show was canned after 6 episodes due to poor ratings. Some suggest that Uncle Jesse and Urkel were a source of unlimited power foolishly squandered, but others suspect a) the characters were worn out and b) even i they weren’t no-one wanted to see the most innocent characters TV ever saw thrust into such cartoonishly adult situations.

If this sounds like a colossal train wreck, bear this in mind; NBC tried to do the same thing with Archie comics 2 months later and fucked it up worse.

Show notes:

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Reviewers: James Ferris, Lisa Dib, David Shaw
Soundboard: Alex Malone

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