FtL 309 – Parallels

Martin Dunlop joins us to ask: Hey you guys remember Sliders? Well apparently somebody at Fox apparently didn’t since they tried to make this shit in 2015.

What to say about Parallels? I could tell you about how the most sympathetic character in the show is gun toting conspiracy theorist, who sets out to bomb his own people with nuclear weapons. I could tell you that the main characters are a desperate whining loser with an severely unhealthy crush, a violent bully without a Facebook account and a bratty sociopath who considers their impending death a time to make jokes and get laid. These are our heroes. So likeable!

I could tell you about how these monstrous jerks end up in a magical skyscraper, chasing their mysterious (and frankly deranged) father across a multiverse of parallel universes, while being chased by three of the ugliest sons of bitches you’ve ever seen. Just… damn. Those dudes. Gross.

But all I really need to tell you is that it’s Sliders. It’s just basically Sliders and that was alright wasn’t it? Yeah this is kind of alright too I suppose.

Oh also I think there’s a girl in there or something. She might be brunette. I’m not sure, they didn’t really get into it.

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Show notes:

Wiki – Parallels
IMDB – Parallels

Reviewers: James Ferris, Martin Dunlop, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: Lisa Dib

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