FtL 310 – Justice League of America

90s live action Justice League! Which means no Superman. Or Batman. Or Wonder Woman. Plus, it’s mostly about relationships. Also, David Krumholtz.

To make any sense of Justice League of America, you need to remember that Lois and Clark was a big thing. Which is why there’s no Superman. Batman and Robin was also a thing, so there’s no Batman.

Lois and Clark being a thing might also explain why the pilot’s mostly about relationships rather than, I dunno, superhero stuff. Lois and Clark doesn’t explain the stalking though. Or the JLA kidnapping people. Or the odd casting choices. Or why the writers couldn’t think of anything remotely useful for the Atom to do.

The 90s does explain David Krumholtz, though. We love you, David Krumholtz.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Fabian Lapham, David Shaw, Lisa Dib
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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