FtL 311 – Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Cam Tyeson helps us examine a TV adaptation of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie (without Pitt and Jolie, obvs) that gets worse in a way you probably didn’t expect.

Cam Tyeson joins us to discover: What happens when you take the star power and sex appeal of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and replace it with the um… general pleasantness of Jordana Brewster and Martin Henderson? The answer is domestic abuse, sadly. Go figure.

Brewster and Henderson fill in for the roles as Jane and John Smith, an average suburban couple who are secretly highly paid contract killers and who less secretly hate each other.

When John loses his job, this former professional murderer decides to reroute that energy into obsessively stalking his own wife. Sounds like an improvement, right? (It’s not.)

So join us as we watch these two crazy lovebirds bicker and kill their way across Prague. It’s a wacky and romantic action adventure with a hero who impulsive backhands his wife in the mouth when she disobeys him. If you love laughs, thrills and potentially fatal spousal abuse then what’s wrong with you? Seriously, thats awful. Why would you like that? Get some help. But you’ll probably dig this episode at least, you monster.

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Reviewers: James Ferris, Cam Tyeson, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: David Shaw

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