FtL 313 – Dr. Strange

1970-era Dr. Strange battles Jessica Walters with Kung-Fu, lasers and the best afro/gold chains/porn ‘stache combo we’ve seen outside of World Series Cricket. Guest starring Michael Williams and Sarah Baggs!

Guests Michael Williams and Sarah Baggs (of Pop Quiz Hot Shot and It’s A Duck Blur fame) join us to ask the question: Is the new Benedict Cumberbatch movie the true live action Dr. Strange, or does it need more boring lasers, villainous poops and guys called Wong who definitely aren’t servants?

When the aforementioned evil poo sends Morgan le Fay to Earth on a mission to kill the Sorcerer Supreme, it’s up to Dr Strange to try to get laid and kinda hope that lines up with stopping le Fay. This makes sense, because this was made in 1978 – the hair is 70s, the special effects are 70s, the racism/sexism is 70s etc. This is maybe the most 70s thing we’ve watched.

Either way, before you go see the new Dr Strange, give this a listen first. Nothing improves a film like lowered expectations. You’re welcome.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Michael Williams, Sarah Baggs & Alex Malone
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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