FtL 314 – The Ghost Writer

Anthony Strack is a horror novelist with writers block, a new wife, a dead wife, a creepy son, a deeply confusing housekeeper and a new daughter who needs the child protection services right fucking now. Seriously. Call them.

Portrayed by Norman Bates himself, the great Anthony Perkins absolutely nails this surprisingly ok three camera sitcom.

We follow Elizabeth (Anthony’s new wife) as she tries to adjust to life with the Stracks and living in the shadow of a massive portrait of Anthony’s deceased wife.

When Elizabeth takes down the painting and unleashes Anthony’s ex wife’s spirit it’s up to Anthony to look dead into the camera and make puns with the speed and determination of a serial killer.

We absolutely loved this bizzare Adams family meets Married with children-esque show and we’re sure you will too.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Lisa Dib
Soundboard: David Shaw

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