FtL 401 – Northstar

GREG EVIGAN is Major Jack North, an astronaut who gains superhuman powers when he is struck right in the god damn eye by a solar flare. So naturally he uses his expanded intellect and strength to solve crime so hard he almost dies. He just keeps doing it. Just stop, Jack. Just stop.

In the SEASON 4 PREMIERE of Failure to Launch we watch Northstar; the 1989 pilot that was so insane it inspired Dan Harmon to produce the Jack Black action spoof “Heat Vision and Jack”.

We follow the baffling journey of Major Jack North, an astronaut that gets hit RIGHT IN THE FUCKING EYE by a rogue solar flare while on a space mission. Now, whenever he is exposed to sunlight, it amplifies all of his mental and physical abilities but it could also make his head explode. His head almost explodes a lot. He doesn’t really make any meaningful effort to avoid the sun. That’s an IQ of 1000 for you.

After his buddy Captain Moustache-tronaut is murdered it’s up to Jack and his Sexy Scientific handler Dr. Alison Taylor to track down the killer. And by track down we mean stumble around, make VERY AGGRESSIVE passes at each other and chase motorbikes until the killer just gets fed up and solves the crime for them. Why would he do that?

We wanted to start season four of Failure to Launch with a bang and what we got was a cranial explosion, but an incredibly fun and confusing one. NORTH STAR is an absolute gem of a mess and we hope you enjoy the insanity. Stick around for the rest of season 4 which we can promise will be EVEN WORSE.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone, David Shaw, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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