FtL 403 – Lost in Oz

Xander Allan joins us to watch Melissa George get sucked up into a tornado and thrown into the perplexingly boring world of Oz.

You can find Xander Allan on Twitter at @crimsonxander, or catch him hosting Trivia at the Vic Hotel in Brunswick, 7:30 every Wednesday! Get around it!

This week on Failure To Launch we follow the journey Alex Wilder (Melissa George from Home and Away & The Slap), a young professional with a bitch of a boss and an approaching marriage that she’s not totally sure she’s ready for. You know what this calls for! ROAD TRIP! Into a massive tornado. Alex is transported into the magical world of Oz where she meets magical and weird characters who are mostly just normal people. The scarecrow isn’t even a scarecrow. It’s just a dude. Why do Oz like this?

They are pursued by the Ring-wraiths from Lord of The Rings into an underwater kingdom ruled by the Good Witch of the South who tells them a confusing story about how Oz is doomed and it’s all that bitch Dorothy’s fault. Along the way they meet up with a perplexing goth who has to do cartwheels or backflips every 3 seconds to help them on their perilous journey.

What dangers lie in wait? You’ll have to listen to find out. But rest assured it’ll be real dumb.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Xander Allan, Harry Brimage, Lisa Dib
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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