FtL 404 – Blade Squad

In a dystopic future, a team of elite cops use rollerblades and jetpacks to fight crime. This pilot couldn’t be more 90s if it was soaked in Gak®.

In this week’s Bonus! 20% Value! episode of Failure to Launch, we examine Blade Squad, Fox’s attempt to take every 90s fad and boil it down to a concentrate, suitable for washing heavily soiled Hypercolour t-shirts.

We meet a rag-tag group of cops on their last chance, as they’re all loose cannons. A sergeant, hot off being shot in the head, recruits them into a experimental squad of his own design – normal cops, but they’ve got rollerblades and jetpacks now, plus they’re loose cannons.

But how will these loose cannons cope when the silliest show we’ve watched in years takes an incredibly inappropriate dark turn? Could this really be part of the show’s continuity?

Turns out it’s just some loose canon.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Lisa Dib
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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