FtL 407 – Timeslip

In the future banging is outlawed, so when Greg and Jenny bypass security to bang (and bang and bang and bang) on the boardroom table things don’t go how they’d expect.

This week on Failure To Launch we watched Time Slip. John Taylor from Duran Duran is “The Hacker” and he’s finally hacked the mainframiest mainframe of all. The mainframe of the future, allowing him visions of what is to come. What does this modern Nostradamus do with his power? Watch people getting it on.

A la The Twilight Zone, this vision of the future is the story of Greg and Jenny committing the crime of love in a cold robotic future where everything is on fire.

When Greg intentionally wipes their records from the security system he is shocked to find that the security system “Lee” no longer recognises him and won’t let him back in the office, so Greg has no choice but to KILL LEE.

Listen to find out if Greg and Jenny can survive this stupid STUPID game of cat and mouse on this week’s Failure to Launch.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Alex Malone, Harry Brimage, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: David Shaw

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