FtL 409 – Shivers

Martin Dunlop helps us watch a divorced dad and his 2 kids get haunted by Horny Ghost Pirates, but fuck that, they’ve got stuffy old teachers to impress.

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This Halloween Martin Dunlop joined us as we watched Shivers starring Lesley-Anne Down (The Bold and the Beautiful, Sunset Beach, The Pink Panther Strikes Again) and Mark Lindsey Chapman (Titanic, Swamp Thing and FTL favourite Annihilator!).

David and his daughter Amanda move into a new house, but find it’s haunted by three American revolution era Ghosts; Jack Marlowe, a highwayman who died with his dick out falling of a barn’s support beam; Cassandra, a raunchy Tavern Wench who fell off the beam along with Jack and finally; Silas, a disgusting pig-loving farm hand, whom they fell on. But who gives a shit about all that?

When Amanda’s new Teacher just shows the fuck up unannounced, she’s so disgusted by David’s loud yawning and open shirt that she pre-emptively expels Amanda. What a cow.

Can the Ghosts who were malicious, like, two minutes ago help impress the haughty Miss Gordon? Can David ever convince his kids that he doesn’t hate his ex-wife? Can Matthew… wait… there’s another kid?

Find out in this Spooky Special episode of Failure to Launch. It’s Spoooooktacular!

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Martin Dunlop
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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