FtL 410 – Modesty Blaise

A pair of sexy criminal millionaire secret agents prevent a kidnapping they stumble into!

This week on Failure to Launch we dissect Modesty Blaise starring Anne Turkel (Humanoids from the Deep, The Fear), Lewis Van Bergen (Pinocchio’s Revenge) and Carolyn Seymour (Congo and Mr. Mom).

Modesty and her friend Willie are pair of Jet settin’, knife fightin’, table hustlin’, Kmer Roug-in’, Art Stealin’, smutty fortune cookie writin’ rogues who just stumble upon a very public Kidnapping.

After saving Emma Woodhouse from the clutches of… we don’t know? Emma is reluctant to give up any information the daring duo set off to… oh they have a nap? Ok…

When the head of the Secret Intelligence Agency; Gerald Tarrant politely knocks on the door to claim Emma, Modesty won’t let her go so easily. Left with no other choice he… he just goes…

So it’s up to Modesty and Willie to… do something? to… work for Tarrant? What!?

Tune in to this exciting episode to find out; something about a computer? A dominatrix villain and her giant man baby? Does the plot reveal ever come?

Be sure to stick around for the end of this bizarre pilot. It’s really something special.

Reviewers: James Ferris, David Shaw, Harry Brimage, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: Lisa Dib

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