FtL 412 – Darklight

A secret group sworn to kill a specific demon team up with said demon to battle another group who want to kill that demon. No one likes her.

This week on FAILURE TO LAUNCH we shine a light on DARKLIGHT, a 2004 Sci-Fi Channel saga starring Shiri Appelby (Roswell, unREAL) and Richard Burgi (The Sentinel, Desperate Housewives), as they fight demons, mad scientists and the plague with the power of blackface!

Based on the Legend of Lilith, who God created to be Adam’s wife, Lilith was supposed to live in the Garden of Eden but had the gall to ask to be treated equally so is cursed to live for eternity as a demon. Lilith isn’t thrilled with this decision, and spends centuries viciously murdering all that cross her path.

Standing in the way of her vengeance is The Faith, a top-secret organization committed to killing Lilith but when they actually get the opportunity to kill Lilith, they just give her amnesia instead. Problem solved! Right?

Now working as a florist, Lilith seems fairly disinterested in learning anything about her past or what those giant stones are doing lodged in her arm. So, when a mad scientist turns himself into a plague-spreading demonicus that will bring about the apocalypse within a couple of days, Lilith does not give a shit and neither do we.

But understanding the urgency of the situation, The Faith immediately send a rollerblading courier to provide Lilith with really cryptic messages containing mysterious clues about her identity.

Can Lilith solve their riddles in time? Will The Faith just tell her what’s happening? Why would an organization that only exists to kill Lilith, employ Lilith? Will this needlessly complex plot have a satisfying conclusion? Also how does blackface help you fight demons?

Tune in to another exciting episode of Failure to Launch to find out.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, David Shaw
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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