FtL 413 – Riverworld

Dead people wake up nude on a planet surrounded by other dead-but-not-dead people. And RIVERS!

It’s a packed house on Failure to Launch this week as we examine Riverworld, a 2003 SyFy original, except it’s not because it’s based on a fantasy book series. Strap yourself in for some tedious world building!

Basically, a bunch of people who died at different points in history wake up together, naked and screaming, in Riverworld, a big ol’ planet run by aliens, probably.

Along their journey, our protagonists meet:
– A neanderthal, whose savage attempts to kill people are bad
– Emperor Nero, whose classy attempts to kill people are good!
– Cameron Daddo, whose American accent is bad
– A fish-alien dude, whose paddle-steamer building abilities are good!

Will they find out what Riverworld really is? Can they get back to Earth? Will these and other mysteries be solved? Absolutely not, this is a pilot. They can’t blow this stuff early. Read the books if you’re that desperate, nerd.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, David Shaw, Alex Malone, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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