FtL 414 – Mason

CW: Child abuse – 70s child star Mason Reece gets his own sitcom, with the worst idea for a pilot plot we’ve ever seen.

This week’s Failure to Launch covers Mason, a 1975 sitcom vehicle for child star Mason Reece. Mason was already famous nationally for a number of TV commercials, so getting him is own show was a sensible decision.

The next decision the show runners made, though… look, if the content warning didn’t clue you in to this pilot’s ‘comedic’ theme, let’s just say this is the worst decision we’ve seen a pilot make in 85 episodes of Failure to Launch, bar none. If you ever wanted to hear Harry’s brain explode, this is the episode for you.

Also, the manager of the hotel from The Shining is Mason’s dad. So, there’s that?

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, David Shaw, Alex Malone
Soundboard: Harry Brimage

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