FtL 416 – The Book of Daniel

A horrible family of awful christians, are horrible to each other and everyone else in a pilot aimed entirely at a christian audience. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Grab your crucifix and hold on tight! This ain’t your grandmas christian television, it’s time to get extreme!! With the book of Daniel; a hard edged and realistic look at the life of a modern christian family. Things are about to get real. We’re talking drug abuse, racism, homophobia, drug trafficking, and internet piracy. NBC are ready to talk about all of this stuff in a direct and brave way that hopefully won’t upset their very conservative audience. What’s that? Complaints? Cancel it immediately.

When 3 million dollars goes missing from the church funds Reverend Daniel Webster freaks out for a bit but then gets distracted making gay jokes about his son, playing golf and popping illegal prescription meds. Guided by Jesus on his quest to get the money back, he lies to his father, colludes with organised crime and gets a bishop hooked on pain killers. Jesus is weirdly quiet about all of this stuff but y’know, mysterious ways.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Martin Dunlop, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: David Shaw

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