FtL 415 – Crowfoot

A half-Native American cop with psychic powers and maybe shapeshifting powers teams up with his fellow cops who mostly have magic powers as well to solve the murder of two women also he found another woman on the beach who seems nice I’ve run out of spac

This week’s Failure to Launch covers Crowfoot, the story of Detective Nick, er, Crowfoot, a half-Native American cop working in Hawaii who has psychic powers and may also be able to shapeshift, although he’s not sure about either of these things.

You’d think this’d be enough to base a show on, but Crowfoot is also about:
– His partner Det. Lisa, an older Japanese-Hawaiian cop who’s psychic for psychics (maybe)
– Rachael, a lady Nick found washed up on the beach with amnesia who keeps disappearing and reappearing
– Det. Nuzo, a grizzled cop who hates his ex-wife and seems mad he’s not the main character like he normally would be in a show like this
– An arsehole divorce lawyer who’s going through a divorce (get it?)
– Monk, the world’s most suspicious man who built a car that runs on garbage, and no-one acknowledges that this is a miracle

That is an incomplete list. It’s been a while since we watched something this bonkers. Settle in.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lucy Shaw, Lisa Dib, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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