FtL 418 – B-Men

High schoolers decide to start bounty hunting and everyone immediately tries to kill them. They don’t mind.

This week Failure to Launch examines B-Men, another CBS Summer Playhouse pilot. Jim, a smart, funny & handsome high schooler, & Kevin, a high schooler who’s just smart and funny (ripped off), accidentally catch a criminal with a $25,000 bounty on his head. After this easy payday, they decide to get into bounty hunting despite still attending high school, not owning a gun and being complete idiots.

At this point, every other character threatens to kill them, including a really old bounty hunter with an unconvincing robot hand, some bikers and an invincible cartoon-physics murderer. They’ve got their wits though, so it bumbles along until a car explodes and some other stuff.

Contains trace amounts of Pauly Shore.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Lisa Dib, Alex Malone
Soundboard: Andrew Cherry

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