FtL 426 – Good Against Evil

1970s Satanists protect and care for a young woman, until they fail to protect her from a sleazy drifter. Guess who the protagonist is.

This week’s spooky Failure to Launch travels back to the 1970s, dipping into the US’s trendiest fear of the time: Satanists!

These particular Satanists are silently guiding Jessica, a young woman, through life in the hopes that she’ll one day birth the anti-christ. Unfortunately her car is struck by DACK RAMBO, a freelance journalist who immediately hits on her, and a whirlwind romance begins.

Sounds exciting, but it’s mostly cats and wind. And DACK RAMBO.

Death by Cat

Death by Cat

Two Men Fight A Pillow

Two Grown-Ass Men Fighting A Pillow

Reviewers: James Ferris, David Shaw, Andrew Cherry
Soundboard: Lisa Dib

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