The Summer of Joe Lara – American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

Joe Lara fights a cyborg with a bad moustache for the future of humanity, in a film that rips off Children of Men despite preceding it by 20 years.

Longtime Failure to Launch listeners will be familiar with the work of Joe Lara, either as Tarzan in Tarzan in Manhattan or DJ Matt in Danger Island. You’ll also be aware of our undying affection for the man, and his superb list of b-movie credits on IMDB: Steel Frontier. Hologram Man. Final Equinox. Very Mean Men.

Despite the fact that these are films, not TV pilots, we at Failure to Launch could not leave these glorious titles unexamined. So, over this Australian summer, we’re submersing ourselves in the waters of Joe Lara’s oeuvre (which, turns out, is full of cyborgs.)

First cab off the rank is American Cyborg: Steel Warrior, a post-apocalyptic tale in which Joe, The Man With No Name Who’s Name Is Austin, must save a young woman and her very-dead-looking-fetus-in-a-tube from a killer cyborg with a killer moustache. It’s everything you’d hope it to be; cheap, ambitious, produced by the guys who did Superman IV and Over The Top (the Stallone film about arm wrestling), and it has Joe Lara! Get listening.


Joe loses an arm and gained 40 facial expressions.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Harry Brimage, Andrew Cherry, Lisa Dib
Soundboard: David Shaw

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