The Summer of Joe Lara – Starfire Mutiny

Joe Lara fights a sleepy white supremacist during what isn’t a mutiny on a ship that isn’t called Starfire.

Our second Joe Jaunt™ is a piece from the twilight of his cinema career, Starfire Mutiny, another post-apocalyptic sci fi, this time with a complete absence of American Cyborgs (boooo.)

Joe captains the USS Legacy, a massive cryo ship orbiting a dead Earth, holding the last remnants of humanity in stasis. It’s a dull life; a good part of his day to day job is porn distribution (seriously.)

But when a band of space pirates show up, led by the world’s most low energy white supremacist, things quickly get even more boring and extremely sleazy god damn this film is dogshit.

Reviewers: James Ferris, Andrew Cherry, Harry Brimage
Soundboard: Lisa Dib

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