Punwatch 209 – Take That! Toey Tortoise Clocks Carpool Cockhead

Episode 209 of Punwatch, with special guests Michael Williams and Sarah Baggs!

Michael’s Moosehead-awarded show, Escape from a 90s Educational CD-ROM, is on during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, March 30th to April 23rd. Don’t miss it!*

The Consumption also heartily recommend you check out Michael & Sarah suite of podcasts – Pop Quiz Hot Shot, It’s A Duck Blur, Wikihow We Do It and Sperging Out.

Also, this episode had some stuff about Pierce Brosnan, tiny knots and other crap. The usual frolicking fair.

Punsters: Sarah Baggs, Michael Williams, David Shaw, Alex Malone, Harry Brimage
Host: Andrew Cherry

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*If you do, one day your parallel universe self who did see it will cross over just to tell you how good it was, and you’ll be filled with regret. Don’t let that parallel arsehole have all the fun.