Punwatch 217 – Thor’s (th)Unders Enlightening with Jerzy Gwiazdowski

Episode 217 of Punwatch, with special guest Jerzy Gwiazdowski and not enough in-depth ice hockey knowledge.

You probably already know Jerzy Gwiazdowski. If you don’t, however, we cannot stress this enough: It is in your best interests to download and listen to Punk Assed: A Pun Cast, Jerzy’s pun podcast. It is punning on another level, and as a fan of puns, you will be a more complete person when you add Punk Assed to your podcast device.

You can also find Punk Assed on Facebook, along with clips of Jerzy & Co competing at Punderdome and the Henry Pun-Off World Championships. You can also read about his punning in a new book called Away With Words by Joe Berkowitz. It’s a look into the world of competitive punning, which is so relevant to any Punwatch listener’s interest it’s not funny, unlike the book.

We’ll also be appearing on an upcoming episode of Punk Assed, so keep an ear out for that.

This episode is entitled “Burglar Bares All: Thor’s (th)Unders Enlightening.”*

Punsters: Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Harry Brimage, David Shaw, Alex Malone
Host: Andrew Cherry

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